Melbourne School of Engineering
Nonlinear Signal Processing Laboratory


NSP Lab outreach to undergraduate students and to high schools aims to attract high performing students to research, build bridges with schools and universities and promote exciting technologies and scientific advances.

Summer research experience with NSP Lab is suitable for Undergraduate students interested in research and wishing to gain a concrete knowledge of a dynamic and competitive research laboratory. For a period of 8 to 10 weeks, undergraduates participate in ongoing research, carrying out specific research projects and presenting the outcome of their work. Supervision will favour hands-on experience as well as broad learning. Eligible undergraduates should directly contact NSP Lab to discuss possible projects. Details on funding ($400 per week studentship) and application are given on Melbourne School of Engineering website.

NSP Lab is committed to strong focus on education at all levels and would appreciate the opportunity to extend this effort to high school level education. The Laboratory proposes to provide open access pedagogical material, helping cultivate student interest in mathematics and neuroscience and showcase the beauty and impact of these subjects. NSP Lab will also consider organising open day programmes for high school students. All queries or expressions of interest may be addressed directly to NSP Lab.