Melbourne School of Engineering
Nonlinear Signal Processing Laboratory


Propsective industrial partners may benefit from NSP Lab expertise either through short term consultancy or a longer term linkage project. Consultancy involves providing specialist analysis or assistance. For this purpose, industrial partners may freely contact NSP Lab, keeping in mind the specific expertise of NSP Lab researchers. Problems arising in an industrial or applied context are especially interesting to research carried out at NSP Lab. They provide a fresh perspective and new challenges. Industrial partners will benifit from the rigorous approach of NSP Lab staff, based on solid academic and professional experience.

Linkage projects present valuable opportunities for strategic partnership. They offer a clear framework for collaboration, monitored by the ARC (Australian Research Council), the main government research body in Australia. Industrial partners will be able to leverage substantial funding and achieve long term research and development objectives, with full time assistance provided by NSP Lab staff.

Linkage projects are funded by ARC Competitive Grants Programme , over a period of one to five years. Funding is made available two times every year, based on ARC evaluation of research project proposals. Proposals sumbitted in 2011 (approximately, in May and Novermber) lead to funding in 2012. Minimum funding allocated in 2011 was set at 30,000 AUD per year and maximum at 500,000 AUD per year. For information, rules applying to funding in 2011 may be found on the ARC website . In particular, eligible partners include private sector organisations and private non profit organisations.