Melbourne School of Engineering
Nonlinear Signal Processing Laboratory


NSP Lab works actively to achieve strong and diverse linkage with community and industry. Lab policy is oriented towards maintaining a professional network spanning education, research and industry and bringing the best of each of these fields to the others.

Our outreach to community is mainly through education. As a competitive and interdisciplinary research laboratory, we are positioned to promote interest in science and understanding of research careers among students at high school and undergraduate level. We aim to supervise undergraduate students as they experience work in a research context and to coordinate with high schools to cultivate student interest in high impact research fields.

NSP Lab conducts research and development through a top-down, outcome oriented management style. This approach makes its strong background in fundamental science highly useful to industrial partners. Collaboration may take the form of on demand consultancy or of long term linkage projects, which benefit from government funding.

Educational and academic outreach also includes educational activities and research colloquia. These benefit members of NSP Lab as well as visiting students from Australian and International universities.

Educational activities reflect the wide range of research carried out by NSP Lab members. Research colloquia are given by leading scientists visiting NSP Lab or the University of Melbourne.
Visiting undergraduate students who are on summer scholarships, in addition to educational activity, conduct projects which constitute a practical initiation to research.

On the whole, NSP Lab educational outreach aims at providing the broad and up-to-date background required by a career in cutting edge research. Industrial outreach creates new opportunities for industrial partners to initiate strategic projects and expand their innovative potential.