Melbourne School of Engineering
Nonlinear Signal Processing Laboratory


The NSP Lab is a close-knit community of faculty members, research staff, and visiting scholars who join graduate students to meet the challenges of this century. Here, engineers, mathematicians, educators, and scientists emphasise on engagement, investigation, and participation in learning and addressing research problems, and explicitly break the disciplinary boundaries but appreciate the disciplinary expertise.

The academic environment at NSP Lab cultivates a friendly atmosphere as well as awareness of the great advantages, and difficulties, of interdisciplinary research, which is a contemporary response to the challenges of computational neuroscience and systems biology in ensuing the emerging requirements of performance and energy efficiency. NSP Lab weekly events focus on learning, team building and fostering interdisciplinary discussion.

Regular meetings are devoted to priority topics in neuroscience and systems biology, and allow members to pursue learning outside their respective fields. Meeting format emphasizes interactive learning and detailed exploration of recent research. Our weekly get-togethers are devoted to social or sporting activities. Informal and brainstorming sessions explore personal and scientific interests and allow activities to be run in a natural and less tedious way.