Melbourne School of Engineering
Nonlinear Signal Processing Laboratory


NSP Lab is unique and progressive in its commitment to education. In meeting the challenges of the 21st century, the employment opportunities requiring technical skills and training in science and engineering continue to increase in numbers. Furthermore, a growing number of these positions are requiring interdisciplinary collaboration, which in turn requires a new breed of researchers with an integrated knowledge of science and skill in applying knowledge to real world problems.

We are committed to offering education and training programs for graduate and undergraduate students, and research staff who are interested in science and technology at the interface of mathematics, engineering, biology and computation. NSP Lab is a vibrant and collaborative environment that leverages our existing expertise in offering a broad range of educational programs and activities:

We invite you to join us in pushing the boundaries of discovery and improving the lives of future generations. Our comprehensive and broad mentoring program ensures that this mission will be accomplished and provides an outlet for technology transfer of new ideas.